Stormwater Management

Infiltration, retention, rainwater harvesting and the treatment of contaminated precipitation runoff have been important requirements of stormwater management for a long time. In recent years, the preservation of the water balance, the mitigation of the heat island effect and thus the evaporation as a further object of stormwater water management have been added.

Detailed technical information on the subject of rainwater can be found in the pages of Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Dr. Sieker mbH.

On-site stormwater management

InnoAqua can offer a ready to use interface for data exchange between InfoWorks ICM and STORM. InfoWorks ICM is the well-known solution from Innovyze for integrated 2D catchment modelling. STORM adds its powerful tools for the calculation of runoff, infiltration, evaporation, dirt load related to every runoff retention element.

STORM is software for water management and hydrology. The main application areas of the software are listed below:

  • Design and planning of stormwater management systems
  • General urban drainage planning
  • Pollution Load calculation (German rules and standards “DWA-A 128”)
  • Water resources modelling
  • catchment related water modeling
  • Water ecology, load balancing
  • Flood simulations

Statistical analysis functions and automatically generated reports are available for the evaluation of simulation results.

Other features are the graphical system representation, a GIS connection and several import and export functions.

The design of central or decentralized systems can be carried out optionally with design storms or long term simulations. The load balances can be carried out as a basis for immission calculations requested by the German Water Protection Ordinance (Gewässerschutzverordnung). Basically STORM is very suitable for catchment-based questions (e.g. Water Framework Directive, flood risk management policy, etc.).

A new feature of STORM is now also the runoff prediction that predicts the urban drainage system’s runoff for up to three days in advance by accessing virtual rain gauge (in cooperation with HST).

For more details on the scope of STORM please inform yourself at the adjacent links.


Tool for web-based early identification of flood events and warning. HydroWebView identifies possible events by modelling with real-time radar data and forecasts, not by measuring water levels of rivers. That makes it the ideal tool for small rivers and catchments.

HydroWebView is used by the city of Georgsmarienhütte (Lower Saxony/Germany).

Sustain is a supplementary module for sewer simulation software InfoSWM®.The effects of decentralized stormwater management measures on sewage networks and water can be evaluated in particular with InfoSWMM® Sustain. hrough direct integration in the program package InfoSWMM it is  possible to quantify the hydraulic relief or reduction of combined sewer overflows exactly.InfoSWMM® Sustain includes modules for various measures of Best Management Practices (BMP), Low Impact Development (LID) or Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

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Mit MURI 138 können Sie folgende Anlagen dezentraler Regenwasserbewirtschaftung bemessen und entsprechende Berechnungsergebnisse dokumentieren. 

  • Gründächer (vereinfachter Ansatz ohne Berücksichtigung der Interzeptionsverluste)
  • Zisternen (Definition von zyklischen Entnahmen)
  • Flächenversickerung
  • Mulden, Rigolen bzw. Mulden-Rigolen-Systeme
  • Tiefbeet-Rigolen

MURI 138 eignet sich als Werkzeug zur Bemessung nach DWA-A 138. Es erspart Ihnen wertvolle Zeit in der Planung, Bearbeitung und Prüfung wasserwirtschaftlicher Fragestellungen. 

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